Gabe is a Model, Again

Gabe has been picky about his clothes since he was a toddler.  Now he’s upped the ante to being extremely picky about his clothes, plus he’s into accessories too.  Yesterday morning he insisted on wearing his belt, jean jacket, and cowboy boots, and when Matt suggested we bring some sneakers to leave in his cubby just in case he wanted to change later on, he cried indignantly, “No!  I’m going to wear my boots ALL DAY!  No sneakers, I don’t need them!”

And sure enough, when I arrived to pick him up at the end of the day, he was running around in his boots, happy as a clam. He paused oh-so-briefly to allow me to take this picture.

He is literally the only person I know outside of Ralph Lauren models or actual members of the Lauren family who can pull off denim on denim plus cowboy boots.


#my best guy